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At some point in time all couples struggle- it is simply a fact of life- but how you deal with those struggles is what sets you apart. Once a rift between two people has been created, it's easy to lose sight of your love and commitment to one another. Counseling can help get your relationship back on track by focusing on moving forward and working through the issues that are pulling you apart.

A relationship can be a fragile thing. Couples therapy and marriage counseling can give you the tools that you need to give it the attention that it deserves and avoid the old traps that can trigger resentment and anger within a marriage or domestic partnership.

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Why See a Marriage Counselor?

Counseling is not about getting to scream your frustrations at each other or having a therapist take sides. It's about airing grievances and finding productive ways to move passed them. It's about making sure that your relationship be nurturing to both partners and teaching you how to not only attain that, but to maintain it as well.

Marriage Counseling will help remind you why your relationship is worth the work required to put it back together. In a close partnership it is very easy to see only your side of the issues and forget that problems affect both parties, often in very different ways. Learn techniques to communicate with one another effectively and to understand the motivations behind your actions and those of your partner.

Do We Have the Right Couples Therapist for You?

Working with a therapist is a deeply personal and confidential relationship. We are here to help, but to do so in a positive manner requires the right fit between counselor and couple. The only way to determine that is for you to contact us.

Our goal is ensure that your relationship not only survive, but that it begin to thrive. With the right support for your individual circumstance, we feel strongly that you can see a marked improvement in your ability to communicate and nurture both yourself and your partner or spouse.

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