Eating Disorder Therapy & Counseling in NYC

Is an Eating Disorder Destroying Your Life?

Do you have debilitating issues with body image? Eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia can not only disrupt or control your life, they can be physically disastrous. They are disorders that can attack and permanently damage almost every part of your body from the enamel of your teeth to the lining of your stomach. Even more detrimental is the mental torture that one feels when they are physically unable to control something as fundamental as your basic nutrition. Eating disorders can pick apart your self esteem, your enthusiasm and joy for life. The causes will vary but the outcome is always the same; a negative and dark spot in your life.

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How Can Therapy Help my Eating Disorder?

Getting treatment for your eating disorder can be one of the most positive and empowering decisions that you will ever make. With proper support, you can overcome your negative body image and take control of the emotions that are behind these unhealthy choices. Therapy can reveal the underlying issues and give you the proper tools to deal with them in a positive manner. Step by step you and your personal therapist will deal with each roadblock as they are uncovered until finally, there are none left.

How Do I Know Counseling Will Work for Me?

You won't. At least not until you try. We will match you with a therapist that is right for your individual needs. They will be focused on your mental and physical health. There are group therapy options, private sessions and all are lead by trained and well experienced staff. Getting on the other side of an eating disorder can seem like an overwhelming task, and yes, it will be hard work, but a therapist can help you down that road to wellness.

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