Depression Therapy & Counseling in NYC

Seeking Relief from Depression? We Can Help.

The causes of depression are different for everybody but the effects are always equally devastating. An overwhelming feeling of sadness or loneliness making each day a struggle. Confidential counseling can help you work through and manage your depression.

What if you could feel more optimistic, had more energy and less anxiety? As your confidence grows your stress will lessen. Speaking with a professional therapist can help you to understand and begin to sort out the events that are shaping your current thought patterns. The listening ear of a qualified counselor, combined with their specialized techniques, will help you to reduce and manage your depression.

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Why See a Therapist?

It's not just about telling your story to let out bottled up emotions. We're here to listen and to give you the tools to let you come to terms with the events that may be triggering your depression. But there is so much more.

Therapy for depression will teach you ways to increase feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. You'll also learn techniques to combat the thought distortions that force you to remain in a depressive state. Counseling will also help you to effectively face future obstacles that otherwise could send you back into a state of depression.

Do We Have the Right Counselor for You?

Working with a therapist is a deeply personal and confidential relationship. We are here to help, but to do so effectively, requires the right fit between counselor and client. The only way to determine that is for you to contact us.

Our goal is ensure that your therapy not drag on endlessly without reason. Many of our clients see great emotional improvements very quickly. Severe depression and complex symptoms can require more work but our goal is to get you feeling good about your life as soon as possible..

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