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You can Phone us at (212) 675-8497 or use the form below to send a quick email.

Free Initial Consultation - Your first call is used to assess your needs and how we may help. We don't charge for that. Also if we feel your particular issues may be better served by another therapist we'll give you a free referal to ensure you are pointed in the right direction.

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Our office is located at 88 University Place, near Union Square A map of our location Between NYU and Union Square

Our office is centrally located near Union Square. It's an easy commute from just about anywhere in NYC, even from across the river in Jersey.

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Note: Email is very impersonal, please use it for the convenience of initial contact, but we'll really need to speak on the phone. If sending an email with the form above, please leave a phone number and prefered times for us to call you.

Jobs and Internships: We are not taking employment or intern requests at this time. Experienced and state licensed psychologists and clinical social workers interested in becoming a member of the Co-Op click here.

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