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When life becomes overwhelming it is important to know that you are not alone. Our licensed therapists are here to help you through those times when you need the support of a professional to help you gain perspective and to give you the tools to move forward.

Understanding your feelings and behaviors is one of the first steps in enabling you to bring positive changes to your life and to your well being. There is no one magic pill for everyone as our individual struggles and needs are all very different which is why the one on one counseling that we offer is tailored to your specific situation.

Good mental health is just as important as physical health and our therapists will work with you to offer support and guidance to help you get to the safe and positive place that you want to be. If you are struggling with your mental health, therapy means you are not alone!

Our Fees

Your initial consultation, where we assess your needs and connect you with the right therapist, is free. Therapy sessions however are not free. Our psychotherapists are all eligible for insurance reimbursement.

Individual Therapy

One on one therapy is vital for those struggling with the private issues that can affect every part of your life. The individual care and assistance provided during your confidential sessions is designed to enable you to recognize patterned behaviors and help you to understand your reactions and choices. The goal is always to provide you with the skills to overcome those issues that are interfering with your ability to lead a healthy and positive life.

Whether your specific issue is depression, an eating disorder, compulsive behavior, bipolar disorder or anxiety, individual therapy will guide you through the dark places that are negatively impacting your life and help you move beyond those roadblocks.

Understanding why we act the way we do and make the choices we do will help you to change existing patterns and learn to avoid the triggers that lead to poor choices and dangerous behaviors.

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Relationships can be hard. Fixing a fractured relationship or marriage can be even harder. Our marriage counselors and couples therapists can help remind both of you why your relationship is worth the work required to put it back together. Our goal is ensure that your relationship not only survive, but that it begin to thrive.

Family Therapy

When the dynamic of your family changes negatively it can quickly disrupt the feelings of safety and security that are common in a healthy functioning family unit. Whether anger, betrayal, addiction or financial issues are at the heart of the problem, your family therapist will work through the difficulties with the family as a whole while still addressing the needs of each individual. Every member is involved and encouraged to actively participate in bringing the unit back together as a healthy and functioning family.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is structured to provide support in a diverse manner with input from multiple people who are all working towards the goal of well being and good mental health. Learn from the ideas of others, share similar experience and as a group move towards recognizing the patterns that lead you to the negative experiences that you are seeking to change. It is said that there is strength in numbers and group therapy supports the notion that with the proper guidance, all participants can change their focus towards more positive and healthy life choices.

State Licensed Therapists and Mental Health Counselors

Our NYC therapists are all licensed by the state of New York and meet the training and experience requirements necessary to truly offer the professional help you need.

Working with a therapist is a deeply personal and confidential relationship. We are here to help, but to do so effectively, requires the right fit between counselor and client. The only way to determine that is for you to contact us.

If we feel your particular issues may be better served by another therapist we'll give you a free referral to ensure you are pointed in the right direction.

Our goal is ensure that your therapy not drag on endlessly without reason. Many of our clients see great emotional improvements very quickly. Severe or complex issues can require more work but our goal is to get you feeling good about your life as soon as possible..

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